Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Day After V Day

Valentine's day was really relaxed. 

My husband took the kiddos to their basketball game and then out to run some  errands later in the day. Giving me some much needed alone time. We haven't told them that I'm pregnant yet, we haven't told his parents so I think until he does that we'll hold off telling them. This is one time when being overweight is handy. B/c I'm nothing if not self confident when I look in a mirror I see a pregnant lady when most see just a fat broad!

Today's excitement includes getting my daughter her first library card.  When times were more flush we went to the bookstore on a monthly basis. But she's just learning to read and going thru books like water we'll venture to the library. Not to mention that like many Americans I'm turning to bodice ripping novels in these dark days and I've run  thru my personal collection of steamy smut. My youngest thinks the bookstore is a library so it will clear up some confusion for him.

The husband and I talked a little about the sea green house yesterday. 

He thinks it qualifies as a mansion... 

Which in many respects it does but lacks in the square footage department in my opinion. But well appointed upscale home doesn't have quite the same ring does it? His father is our financial backer for all things of consequence so the thought that this is a good investment opportunity for him is the  shaky platform that my dream rests on. He lives in another state and is open to investing in a multi family for us, hence my ability to house hunt period given the current economic meltdown. But pitching an urban version of The Petite Trianon is another story entirely.

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