Monday, March 16, 2009

Be Careful What you Twitter

The party went well. The weather was awful, my son didn't have a miraculous recovery but I know the birthday girl had a good time. I think the guests enjoyed themselves as well. Unfortunately I stumbled across a twitter post that let me know in no uncertain terms that one of her classmate's parents did not.

My daughter goes to a "progressive" private school that is anchored by devoted teachers, populated by an economically and culturally diverse student body and supported by many active parents. It has been an excellent fit for our family.

I'm not well acquainted with any of the other parents, but I'm genuinely looking forward to getting to know most of them as our children grow. And there are a couple that I'm happy to keep on not knowing.

So imagine my surprise when one of the "not my cup of tea" moms turned helpful during the second half of the two hour party. I'm all thumbs at any kind of craft and had expected my handy husband to construct the cheap little foam baskets I got as an activity. He was dealing with our sick son, and I was really grateful that "Amy" (not her name, but it's perfectly interchangeable with her real one) figured it out. She went on to offer to help with the pizza and passed out the forks for the cake.

I was surprised b/c in the past it has seemed painful for her to talk to me. But bolstered by her unexpected friendliness, I went to check out her blog and etsy shop. She has sent both addresses as part of her correspondences as "Room Parent". I found out she's an artist, of negligible talent, but feeling benevolent, I clicked away. Maybe I'd find something for my MIL for Mother's Day, supporting a local artisan and a fellow PTA member. A perfect liberal mommy moment!

Her blog lists her twitter feeds. Which included "Just got back from a really looong kids birthday party. ugh" I don't think two hours qualifies as long but it's the ugh that got me.

I didn't go into parenthood thinking that children's birthday parties were supposed to be entertaining for me. And sure, I keep this blog but I'm not advertising it in missives to my child's class.

So as not to sully the authentic sentiment in my daughter's thank you note to Amy's daughter, I've decided to include an extra notecard of my own. Thanking her for figuring out those pain in the ass foam baskets. And more importantly for enduring the really looong children's party I
threw. ugh


  1. I agree that children's parties should not be expected to be entertaining to the adults. I usually assume my entertainment will come from being able to chat with the other parents...and you're right, 2 hours isn't that long.

    It also shows some lack of judgement to post that as a feed on twitter. I try to be somewhat cautious about what I post as a status update on Facebook since I have the parents' of Gavin's classmates and co-workers as friends.

    I love your blog, by the way!

    The Good Amy

  2. I'm nosey as hell but I was actually just curious as to what she sold!
    It's childish but I can't wait for Mirette to finish writing her thank you cards so I can send mine.

    There have been a couple of parties (kids) where alcohol was served. But if that's what it takes for pseudo Amy not to be bored, well there's help for that isn't there?