Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beyonce & Vogue

Beyonce's Vogue cover isn't moving me one way or the other.

Ambivalence pretty much sums up my feelings toward her. I hum the horrible but catchy songs, generally hate her fashion choices, respect that she undershares about her personal life, and think that she's an awful actress.

But what an embarrassment of riches Wintour has thrown our way. All of these "curvy" black women on the cover of late, it's enough to get Vogue confused with Essence. Which I haven't picked up in a decade b/c of the brevity and in some cases stupidity of the articles.

I know that there was an uproar in the black community over supposed skin lightening in Beyonce's L'Oreal spots a while back. Her skin looks great on the cover and her extensions are a subdued color and pulled into a simple pony. And her dress looks like it fits, no time to check but I would be shocked if it came from her mother's atelier. I haven't examined it from every angle yet (I'm trying to work miracles on my sick son before his sister's 12 pm birthday party) but I guess I'm liking it more than not.

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