Monday, March 16, 2009

Books of The Week

I'm reading The Bishop's Daughter by Honor Moore. I read an excerpt of it in The New Yorker (I think) It's a memoir of both her life and her father's a civil rights campaigning bishop who also struggled with his sexuality.

Kids lit this week includes the ever present Star Wars books. Much to my son's delight we're meeting Ahsoka Tano. Instead of Junie B. Jones I persuaded my daughter to give Ruby Lu Brave and True a try. It seemed interesting and will broaden our horizons a bit, the kids have never read a book with a Chinese American protagonist.

And I checked out Walter the Farting Dog and the yard sale but I just don't like it. My son (and daughter despite her generally prudish self) enjoy potty based humor as much as any 4 or 6 year old. But the bubble I've built is so sound my son didn't know what the word farting meant. I say "passing gas" and so do they. I've got a foul mouth and a relaxed sense of humor (my husband might disagree but he could create his own blog to do so) but for whatever reason I read thru the book and I was really turned off at the prospect of saying fart 2x per page.

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