Monday, March 23, 2009

Books of The Week

I'm still reading The Bishop's Daughter but finished Sandra Kring's Thank You for All Things. I wasn't able to find out if she's related to the creator of the TV show Heroes... I'll ask Jim, whose internet sleuthing skills are much better than mine. The plot includes alcoholism, mental illness, and domestic abuse but it's never maudlin or heavy handed. Snappy dialogue saves a multitude of sins so I would definitely read Kring again.

Kiddie Lit this week includes an obscure (to me) Dr. Seuss as Theo LeSeig and Whoopi Goldberg's The Sugar Plum Ballerinas. I'm staunchly against celeb written children's books, but who could resist ballerinas in three shades of brown on the cover? However I'm still holding fast against the english roses!

And after three weeks of tepid interest, my daughter gave up on Ramona Quimby. She's my daughter thru and thru, so she reads cereal boxes, warrantees, anything she can get her eyes on. I remember enjoying Ramona at her age but I didn't have that wacky Junie B. Jones as an
option. Mirette loves the Little House Series but Ramona isn't antiquated enough to qualify as interesting.

I'm not crazy about the butchered words but my daughter is such a stickler for grammar (even when she's the one in the wrong, told you she's mine!) reading Junie B. gives her a reason to be sanctimonious. And Junie B.'s rude or irreverent personality (depending on which side of the parenting aisle you sit) is the antithesis to my daughter's natural demeanor.

So this week she's happily reading about the toothless wonder. At this point if I'm not a bigger influence in her life than a book, then we've got problems.

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