Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boys Don't do Arts and Crafts

Let's amend that to "kids who hate pink" don't do crafts.

At least that's the impression I got while trying to come up with a gender neutral project for my daughter's birthday party last week. Model projects weren't going to cut it, because of the time and expense involved.

I'm all thumbs (and was pressed for time) so I was willing to pay for a fun, age appropriate craft set that came complete with instructions. There were plenty to choose from but they were all stereotypically feminine, light colors, lots of frill. And while I would gladly offer a child of either sex a chance to decorate a wood cut-out of a ballerina, I want to give both girls and boys some choice in the matter.

I finally settled on little foam baskets. Pastel in color, but the candy I put in them would make any kid happy. Dentists and parents are another story.

Ironically, the male party guests had some of the most intricately detailed baskets. And because the school environment doesn't enforce gender stereotypes (and presumably neither do their homes) they were fine with the choice of pink, purple or turqoiuse.

I'm not sure if my son's party will include a craft but at least I know I need to scour stores well before the big day.


  1. The G has picked up a few gender stereotypes since starting kindergarten (ie can't have pink because it's a girls' color). He got a new package of oil pastels and we were doing some drawing and coloring this morning. I noticed that there were a few he hadn't used at all, while others were well used already. I asked if I could use the pale pink, green and yellow. He said, "No!" I asked why and he he said, "They are just too pretty to mess up. I really like looking at those." Go figure.

  2. I should add my darling son, product of a stereo type free home was the kid who complained about the color choices!

    It was after the party (he was too sick to make a basket that afternoon) but I heard about the awful selection from him.

    And it wasn't b/c he thought the baskets were too pretty to use : )