Monday, March 30, 2009


Every family has an individual known for their frugal ways. More often that not my sister was content to count her piggy bank while I snacked on Dunkin' Donuts. During their divorce proceedings my mother in law considered my wealthy father in law's desire to purchase furniture from Rooms to Go symbolic of his major character flaws. Then there is the motto of my paternal grandfather, "You can call me cheap, but you can never call me broke".

Our immediate family's penny pincher is my 4 year old son. Thelonious is 4 and not entirely clear as to which coins are which, but his love of the almighty dollar is deep and true. In the case of a fire, he'd run back to get his stuffed dinosaur and wallet. He once demanded we pull over on a long interstate highway trip, so that he could check on his money in the trunk. On the rare occasion that he allows himself to be separated from his purse, the reunions are complete with smiles, hugs and tears.

My son and I share the kind of disposition that is automatically sunny upon awakening. He has yet to loose a tooth. The mornings after the tooth fairy visits his sister are nothing short of apocalyptic. Never mind that she is happy to share the loot, promises of candy and ice cream split right down the middle, do nothing to quell his rage. To completely date myself, he's all about the washingtons,.

So far he hasn't attempted any at home dentistry and all his teeth are still in his mouth. I'm just glad he doesn't know that you can sell your blood!

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  1. Well, I guess if you ever need to come up with a reward system to either encourage or quell a certain behavior you know exactly what will motivate him!