Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Cough

My kids are freakishly healthy. I'd like to think it's due to homebirthing, breastfeeding and delayed vaccinations but it's probably a combination of genetics, common sense and luck. We live a pretty low key life here in the poster city for suburban sprawl, I learned long ago that I love being out and about but really don't like most people all that much. So activities consist of my little brood packing up and hitting various attractions and events solo.

But birthdays are best shared so today we did go ahead and plan a party at a local children's bookstore. Our social calendar is nothing if not flexible, there are probably 4 x a year when one of the kids falling sick fucks things up.

And yes today would be the day that my 4 year old sounds like an emphysema patient. We've got the same cough, the register is deep and rumbling and makes people on subways and elevators instantaneously lean as far away as possible. And for good measure he's got a fever. Not so high and under normal circumstances not a problem. I'm all for the body naturally burning it's impurities but desperate times call for desperate measures. So I'm wiping off the layer of dust on the cough medicine. A three year old bottle that I have no expectations will do shit in the 4 hours before the party.

So instead of dazzling my daughter's classmates parents with the fun party I put together, they'll think I'm a negligent parent whose goody bag gift to their offspring is t.b. My daughter is my 6 year old so things could be worse I suppose and she could be the sick one.

But there is light on the health horizon. After 16 days of bleeding, one day of hemorrhaging, an ER visit to an understaffed, over crowded city hospital, my miscarriage is finally over!

Let's have a party!

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