Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gray Day

Fits my mood to a T.

Spent the morning watching a video of a local presentation by Andres Duany. I know a little bit about new urbanism but had never heard him speak. He was incredibly captivating. He made the point that drastic times call for drastic measures, it will be interesting to see what this international emblem for sprawl will eventually become.

My MIL is headed out of town to help my SIL with her impending arrival. So my daughter's birthday celebration with her will be taking place today. My intention was to attend but I'm exhausted and while Jim is of help, very little has changed in my daily routine. And it's not a taxing routine by any measure but it's been hard to keep up with none the less. And the idea of going out to lunch coming home and dealing with them for another couple of hours while he takes his standard afternoon sojourn is more than I can handle right now. The silence will be much appreciated.

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