Wednesday, March 18, 2009


HBO is making me really happy this month.

Big Love has been great. Will Ferrell's farewell as Bush as funny as you'd expect.

But I'm absolutely crazy about East Bound & Down. The writing is wonderful as is the casting. They've hit the nail on the head with every role. From the lead to minor supporting characters. Katy Mixon deserves all sorts of accolades, her North Carolina middle school teacher is authentic thru and thru.

I'm a big fan of David Gordon Green (finally the stoner brigade have returned some of their netflix Pineapple Express dvds, so that the rest of us can see it!) and am really looking forward to his take on Suspiria.

Remakes are rarely worth watching but how fantastic would Freaky Friday be with Craig Robinson and Bobb'e J. Thompson?


  1. I love Big Love, too! And, I've only been able to watch a bit of the Will Ferrell special...the Secret Service dancing guy also cracked me up. I'll be said when Aaron's severance runs out...not just because we will no longer be getting that pay check but because our free cable will also be a thing of the past.

  2. I'm not really sure why we're still paying for HBO. Jim could just as easily download the shows.
    And catch me up on what Aaron's situation is when you get a chance.