Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Birth & Pop Culture

Whenever I see pop culture home births I think of Butterfly McQueen. The idea that an enslaved woman in the American south could be thrown into complete and utter hysteria over an impending birth is more preposterous than funny, but that's Hollywood.

I'm behind in my viewership of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. I haven't checked the ratings but won't be surprised if it gets cancelled. Anyway the episode "The Gray Hour" begins with Echo as a midwife. It was a quick but inoffensive segment. Since tv often portrays home births in a negative light, this was a positive spin, relatively speaking. Btw I missed 20/20's orgasmic birth show a couple of months back but am familiar with the key players as these birthing circles are nothing if not small.

The birth opened the show and the setting was picturesque. I'd have to watch again but I think there were snow covered mountains beyond the sliding glass doors! And best of all the baby was "big" for just a splash of of drama, but both mother and child were fine. No near death episode. No gorgeous doctors forced to halt their fucking to save the day.

I also appreciated the symmetry of ending the episode with Echo emerged in water, floating along, "wiped" again. Literal and obvious yes but I'm a sucker for Whedon.

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