Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What constitutes Too Much Information?

I know this blog promises house hunting and it's definitely been lacking in that regard.

My realtor called this morning. She is both sweet and competent and I haven't spoken to her since right before I miscarried. I hadn't told her I was pregnant and now I'm debating whether I should tell her about the loss. I don't want her to think we're re-thinking the move, but I also want to take a couple of weeks before we go out again. I could make up a reason, but I'm generally a straight shooter ( I hate that term) and sound awful telling even the slightest white lie.

She's our second realtor. The first sold us our current home, over 6 years ago. And because I'm as loyal as Lassie, I went back to her when we started looking for a multi family last year.

That search was very straightforward. At the time she had one child, she's now pregnant with her fourth and life is obviously more hectic. The first time around she made reference to places that might be "too urban", which made me antsy but I was pregnant at the time and she was basically nice so we completed the sale.

2002 was not a big election year. Fast forward to 2008 and realtor number one is eager to discuss politics with me. Uh Oh. She's a republican, lukewarm about McSame, but she's just so afraid as a small business owner what will happen if Obama is elected!!! I'm not exaggerating she was that impassioned.

Uh Oh turns to Oh Shit! I know nothing about the exact nature of her wealth, clueless about what her husband does but the idea that her nascent (coincidentally launched the week before we reconnected) real estate business (prior to that she's been working for one of the big companies) was going to be looted and redistributed was more conversation than I had bargained for.

But I went ahead with her because there was a particular half completed building, on a good street in the city proper, that seemed promising. "Instant equity" is one of those phrases that is highly subjective. I found a contractor and made plans to meet everyone at the building. The realtor sent a niece in her stead. The niece has a real estate license but is fresh out the oven. 22 maybe 23 years old, been in the big city 6 months top. I hadn't brought the land survey for the property, neither had she. The contractor had several questions I couldn't answer. And guess what, neither could she.

The building was a mess, hardly 90% complete and at $699,000 too pricey to begin with. Never mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to complete it. But I met the contractor with no genuine real estate guidance present. I understand that commuting from the outer suburbs to the city proper isn't always easy but our potential purchase, combined with the sale of our house seems like something you might want to make the trip for.

I started looking for a new realtor the next day. So technically we didn't part company because she was a Republican but it definitely didn't help matters.

The new realtor, who shares a real name with the old realtor (as well as my birthday party nemesis) will be called Real Estate Amy to differentiate her from Good Amy, who was my first blog poster here!

She's great and does not overshare. She could have voted for Mike Huckabee for all I know. I'm going to call her, I'm just not sure exactly what I'm going to say.

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  1. I think you can be straight forward with someone without having to spill the entire pot of beans. I would let her know you are still interested in looking, but because of some personal issues you need to take some time off for a couple of weeks. I think that would be enough without feeling like you're burdening someone with info that they may not really know what to do with.