Friday, March 20, 2009

The White House Vegetable Garden

Sounds like a great idea. I'm usually prescient enough to know how the right wing lunatics will spin a story but I'm stumped if they tackle this one.

Michelle Obama's line that her mom will probably say "The garden is lovely. You missed a spot" (in reference to weeds) cracked me up.

It could have come from the lips of my Grandmother who's only a few years older than Marian Robinson. My Gram is nothing if not well informed so she abandoned hogmaws, chitlins and pig feet long ago. In their place, whole wheat products, lean meats and tons of vegetables. But she wants no part of growing her own. She picked cotton (albeit for a very short time as she'll jokingly admit)as a girl and has no desire to cut out the middle man between her and her produce.

ETA My husband thinks the right wing lunatic angle could be organic = elitist. Or that the Obamas are trying to ruin the already extinct family farm.

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