Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I came across M.Dot at Model Minority's take on Black Bird, a browser that makes it easier for African Americans to find relevant content/news/sites on the internet and to connect with like minded/complected folks.

Initially I thought that this sounded wholly unnecessary. My husband and I often joke about "what was on his internet today" because despite the fact that we share a computer, desk and chair, our on line "lives" rarely cross. After viewing yet another Beyonce "Single Ladies" spoof, I told him if I never saw another one it would be too soon. He had never heard the song before, much less been inundated by you tube video of such diverse populations as large ladies and pre pubescent Asian boys dancing along. And I'd be hard pressed to name any Arthur Lee songs or discuss what's going on with Frank Black.

But then I realized that my internet world has been fashioned thru a prism of privilege. I have the time, the access and the inclination to seek out the information I want. Everyone is not so fortunate. So if Blackbird helps them navigate and maintain a safe, informative space then so be it.

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