Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Landlord & Listing Agent,

As someone who grew up in an owner occupied multi family building, my sympathies almost always go with the landlord. Not a corporate landlord or a slum lord but people who rent on good faith and get screwed. On several occasions my parents were left with empty, quasi damaged apartments with zero notice by folks in arrears.

I understand that you can't put a "clean apartment" mandate out on your tenants while trying to sell your building. But the least they can do is let potential buyers in. I was disdainful that the landlords didn't put the hammer down, this is a competitive market afterall. But as Jim pointed out, the rental market is equally so, and having tenants that possibly pay on time is worth something. I think this pretty much foreshadows the good cop/bad cop roles we'll take on in our lives as The Ropers.

As for the listing agent, your multi paged, super intense guide to viewing the units was helpful. I only caught a glimpse of it over my agent's shoulder, but I always appreciate a bullet point presentation. Others might think including the names of the tenants' cats constitutes as over kill, (George Michael. You ingenious, urbane pet owner! Paying homage to a pop icon and a brilliant but cancelled tv show. Your hipster cred is officially on blast!) I think such thoroughness is to be admired. Thanks for the color coded keys, there were so many of them.

The one not so teeny, tiny problem? NONE OF THEM MATCHED ONE OF THE UNITS. Combine this with the day sleeping, do not disturb tenant, and we left with 1/2 of the units unseen.

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