Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Hunting

I'm back in the real estate saddle.

But we've made a major decision regarding the kids and their educational future, which feels particularly weird because it will be months before we actually tell them. We'll be putting them in public school (the internet can't convey a tone, so let me be clear, there is no hand wringing and desperation following this declaration. I don't consider this a tragedy) .

The fantastic, progressive private school that my daughter attends has moved toward homogenous aged classes in the lower grades. In it's previous incarnation my son, with his November birthday, would have been placed in a 4/5 year old class room this coming fall. I applied him for admission believing this and because February featured a miscarriage and Jim being stricken with Bell's Palsy, I didn't fully vett the situation. So I found out of the change late in the game.

The multi aged classroom was one of the main draws to the school for our family. I was determined to make major sacrifices and pay top dollar to ensure that my boy was in an educational environment that best suited his needs. But I don't believe that he would thrive as the oldest in the classroom.

So we declined his spot (and kissed $75 away to boot) and enrolled him in a local Presbyterian preschool that Mirette attended as a 3 year old. I know we'll be awash in religious conversations as a result of this move but I'm really grateful for the over all pre K start that he'll get there. For a fraction of the cost.

Mirette was crushed to find out that they wouldn't be cruising the playground as a dynamic duo but I was able to soothe her by stating without a doubt they would be attending the same school as a kindergartner and second grader. I didn't add that it would be a new school. She cried over missing school on a snow day, so the idea of changing schools could precipitate a psychotic break.

This has changed our house search considerably. "Marginal" neighborhoods are out. I would love to reap the potential economic benefits of being in and up and coming neighborhood but I want an established school system with a large tax base and involved parents. I plan on being pregnant this time next year and I know that I'm not emotionally capable of breeding, rearing and participating in a fledgling charter school or trying to overhaul a chaotic public school. I'm well aware of what I'm capable of.

I've notified our realtor of our slight change in plans. We're still going the multi family property route which further narrows the possibilities. But we have a decent budget and time on our side so I'm hopeful that we'll find the perfect place at the perfect time.

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