Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie Talk

BitchphD put me on the look out for American Violet. PBS' Frontline chronicled this story a couple of years back, in an episode called The Plea. It was riveting, but given its subject matter not what I would term enjoyable.

I hope this dramatic portrayal is an interesting production and a huge hit. I'm just glad to see Alfre Woodard on screen in a non Tyler Perry vehicle.

Andrew O'Hehir of enjoyed Explicit Ills. I'm always on the look out for "gentrification" themes so I'll definitely check out this tale of interconnected lives in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

I'm not sure if my city will get Explicit Ills but a night at the movies cost us just under $60 and that's not including dinner. So chances are I'll have to wait until they are delivered to my house in that little red envelope. My husband would gladly attempt to download them for me but I take a moral high ground when it comes to viewing smaller films this way. A nebulous stance since I didn't voice any qualms while watching Taken this way last week!

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