Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pirate Escapades

Most children have bionic hearing (when they want to of course) and Thelonious is no exception. He came running into our living room after hearing the words "pirate attack" on the Today Show. 30 seconds later he announced "that this show was boring!" and went along his merry way.

After being assured that pirates were not likely to hijack her grandfather's pleasure craft off the coast of Florida, my 6 year old daughter's thoughts turned to pirate fashion. She was disappointed to learn that modern day pirates were not clad in capris and eye patches. I'm pretty sure they still enjoy getting fucked up so the rum swilling aspect of Mirette's pirate fantasies remains intact.


  1. Hard to say if they swill rum...Are Somali pirates maybe Islamists?? I don't think Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol...of course they're also probably not supposed to be attacking innocent people and stealing from them and killing them. :-) I had to temper my comment...didn't want to totally smash Mirette's pirate fantasies!

  2. I read a piece several months back by a woman who spent several days with some pirates. It seemed like an incredibly dangerous journalistic mission but it was fascinating. They were definitely into alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy. And of course women. I'm going to try and find it b/c I'd really like to re read it.

  3. Interesting...if you find the link, let me know. I can't imagine spending a few days with pirates...yikes!