Monday, April 20, 2009

Republicans say the Darndest Things

First we have Sara Palin contemplating abortion. This coupled with the birth of her grandson being labeled as Bristol's "choice" underscores that for women of means and privilege there will always be options.

I've been meaning to spread the word about the documentary Not Yet Rain so this seems like the best segue I'll have today.

And Rudy Giuliani takes a stand against gay marriage. Despite telling the gay couple who gave him refuge during his messy second divorce that he would "marry them himself". But his newest stance is a ok by at least one of the partners in the afore mentioned couple, a self identified Republican.

I recently read David Rakoff's Don't Get too Comfortable and it includes an essay about Log Cabin Republicans. Sad and unsurprising but interesting all the same.


  1. Well, Sarah was young then and has come a long way since then in maturity and morality. And her daughter Bristol was not praised for making "a choice" but for making the RIGHT choice and letting her child live.

  2. The link I posted refers to Palin's fleeting thought after finding out that her youngest son would be born with Down's syndrome.

    So yes, that's quite a journey in less than 2 years.