Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sports Talk

I know it makes me a poor excuse for a feminist but I've never gotten a full handle on the Harold Reynolds sexual harassment case (BTW, Good Amy, he grew up in your neck of the woods). He was hired, fired and re-instated but I'm not naive enough to believe that alone makes him either innocent or guilty.

Anyway, he believes that Johan Santana is pitching the best ball of his career and will give the Mets faithful a no-no.

I'm ardent enough about tennis that I will check in on the Fed Cup team and try to catch the action in Barcelona but for my husband today is all about the NFL draft.

I can name the front office of our football franchise, tell you exactly where our basketball coach goes wrong in any given game, in short I love my sports teams. But I have zero interest in the draft. Aside from fashion choices, how much their moms cry and if they bring a date. Get back to me in August after they've held out, signed and worked out. Then I'll get excited.

But this is as close to giddy as my laid back husband gets, so I'll pull the childcare cart today and tomorrow. With only minimal complaint!


  1. That is so funny! I had to work today but my husband and his friend watched the draft with four children, all aged 6 and under. They had filled out draft cards and all sorts of craziness! My only question every year is, "Why are all the Giants fans always there??"

  2. It's held in NY, so that's why there are tons of Jets and Giants fans present.

    The football equivalent of Jesus could be picked and they'd still boo!

    How did your husband make out? Jim was happy but I let my mind wander when he tried to explain why!

  3. I think he was happy with the Seahawks' picks...I think...not sure either.