Monday, April 27, 2009

Sports Talk

I knew this Jason Williams was retired.
Knew this Jason Williams was motivational speaking.
But I thought this Jayson Williams was in jail.

The US Fed Cup team managed a come from behind victory this weekend. I'll have to do some internet sleuthing as to the status of former Fed Cup captain Zina Garrison's wrongful dismissal suit.

And why do so many people feel that Roger Federer's long time girlfriend, now wife, is over joyed that he *finally* married her. Maybe Mirka was the holdout, last I checked none of us are privy to what goes on in their Dubai penthouse. Aside from the inherent sexism behind these claims, I also think that it's because of her body, rounder than your average tennis groupie prior to pregnancy. These same people are baffled as to what Pierce Brosnan sees in his wife

As for baseball and basketball, the less said the better.

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