Friday, April 3, 2009

Out & About

Our local park was the play space for a mulit culti band of teens this afternoon.

There's a lot I hate about our neighborhood but it is relatively racially and economically diverse. Unfortunately the kids and moms will mingle on site but they arrive and depart along a strict color line. So it was nice to see a group of high schoolers of various ethnicities voluntarily socializing together.

Always the sympathetic sort, when we do bump into adolescents on the playground, I'm sorry that our presence is preventing them from engaging in the illicit activities that brought them there in the first place. I doubt I'll feel like this when my kids hit puberty.

In addition to tag playing teens, Thelonious was entertained by an elderly gentleman sweeping a metal detector across the ground for change. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he found out there existed a machine whose sole purpose was to find money! Of course he was disappointed that it couldn't hep you find dollars, but none the less he was happy to follow his new found mentor. But not too closely because the kind senior was holding a hunting knife. He was ostensibly using it as a spade to dig for the money but it doubled as a good sign for nefarious types to leave him and his apron full of change alone.

Of all the parks we frequent that's the place where I would think the likelihood of finding loot would be slim. Hard times abound but that playground is populated mainly by the children of recent immigrants, many of whom are working several back breaking jobs to barely make ends meet. I wanted to ask if he ever hit the recreational sites on my mother in laws side of town. Where we have seen Primigi shoes and Oilily clothes left behind like juice boxes. I can imagine that his hunting knife cum spade would get a real work out on the other side of the tracks.

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