Sunday, April 26, 2009

Want your House to be on the Market Forever?

1. Don't put up any for "For Sale" signage
2. Don't have a number on the house or make it nearly invisible...
3. With thickets of weeds, out of control grasses, and a variety of urban ephemera including, but not limited to, cigarette butts and condoms.

I've always thought most of the HGTV shows were useless but it's become apparent to me that lots of people lack common sense when it comes to selling their house.

During our first house hunt 7 years ago I was in the first tri mester of my first pregnancy, prone to sudden hunger attacks that resulted in Daytona 500 like pit stops at KFC. Envisioning a home birth was taxing enough, dealing with any kind of renovation project was out of the question. Aside from hiring a painting crew (the wall paper was one of those amoeba meets flower with a touch of paisley that older ladies seem to adore) we've done very little to our current home.

This time around there is much more to choose from and I'm not opposed to minor construction projects. And yes, I know that those are ominous words. But the point is I'm not looking for perfection this time around, just potential.

Though it would help if we can actually get into your "for sale" property. So many people have rusty ass locks, potential sellers: a little WD-40 goes a long way!

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