Sunday, May 3, 2009

Age Old Question

Why is it that my children will physically bypass their father, climb a set of stairs and open a door to tell me they've broken something/had a particularly messy bowel movement/ want a snack?

This despite the fact that Jim is a fantastic co parent who works from home, primarily at night and spends oodles of both "quality" and just plain old everyone-is-ignoring-each-other-but in-the-same-room time with them.

As the oldest of sixteen grandchildren on my mom's side I was adept at diapers, bottles, and general child wrangling before I left elementary school. The first baby Jim ever held was our daughter.

Any worries that I may have had about them bonding completely dissipated moments after she was born. I stepped out of the shower and saw them nestled together, love at first sight.

They've remained emotionally connected, my son the third musketeer in their triumvirate of game playing, secret sharing and all around mischievousness.

Setting the humdrum, run of the mill problems aside I know my children feel comfortable talking about their emotional needs with their father, which is an incredible gift that he has given them.

But I'm going to start locking my door!

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