Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book Talk

Cormac McCarthy vs Lisa Kleypas.

Reading After Ethan left me wrung out emotionally and I needed some decidedly lighter fare. And by lighter fare I mean on the bodice ripping end of the literary pool. Jim has tried valiantly to shame me out of my romance novel love, but like my attachment to celebrity gossip, it's here to stay.

Gone are the days that I can drop a shit load of money on possibly mediocre books. Even going to the library expends precious time and gas money. I need literal bangs for my buck. Thankfully there are a multitude of websites to help me through the various authors and genres that have popped up since I last seriously strolled the romance aisles.

Filled with derision Jim will occasionally flip through one and use his best duke, viscount or secretly-a-wealthy-industrialist voice and give a line reading. Which most people who know us would find both funny and bewildering because his public persona is quiet and laid back.

After one such episode of comic relief, he realized that Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil (despite my defiant stance with Jim, I was beyond mortified when an errant book caused the alarm to go off in the library and I had to show the kindly Wilford Brimley-esque librarian my haul. Which included Your Scandalous Ways, Lord Sin, and What A Scoundrel Wants. The New Yorker and The Atlantic did little to hide them or my embarrassment) were part of a Texas series which I believe are slated to become a trilogy.

"Oh, it's your version of The Border Trilogy," snarked the love of my life.

Let the record show I'm also currently working on Nine Lives:Death and Life in New Orleans and The Wagner Clan. And I've never finished a McCarthy book.

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