Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cindy McCain

This is the most animated, genuine picture I have ever seen of Cindy McCain. During the campaign I had numerous mean spirited conversations with my Grandmother about her face, our assumptions about her Stepford wife like personality.

But by all accounts she was not just the money but the steam behind John McCain's initial political runs. A New Yorker article detailed a young, ambitious and hard working spouse that seemed at odds with her carefully projected 2008 demeanor.

The camera shots from the Republican National Convention that showed her cradling the youngest Palin left me cold. No great surprise since I'm an unabashed lefty. But this image of her at The Naval Academy graduation of her son, resonates with me. A moment of pure maternal love, making her both human and slightly likeable.

But I've always been blinded by a great hat.

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