Friday, May 1, 2009

Michelle & Lanvin

I absolutely, positively love Lanvin.

Last March The New Yorker profiled Alber Elbaz who has been the head designer since 2000. Jezebel has a vivisection on that story which includes most of the gems from the original article. It also contains full frontal male nudity which is always a plus for me, but consider yourself warned...

I'll never be thin enough to fit any of the pieces but the off chance that I might win the lottery keeps my lust for Lanvin shoes alive and well.

Of course Michelle Obama is getting flack from the usual quarters for rockin' these stylish kicks. Yes, $550 is a lot of money. But the stars "aren't just like us" no matter what magazines tell us and neither is our first lady. The more subdued looks our previous first lady favored might not have been as eye catching but they were just as expensive.


  1. I also think Michelle Obama has a good balance...she wears designer clothes, but she also wears pieces from J. Crew and the some ways her more stylish persona almost makes her seem more accessible. Our former first lady wasn't as stylish, but it was in a way that appeared very blue blood. The other point to remember about Michelle is that she is quite a bit younger than our former first lady...she's like our generations Jackie O!

  2. Exactly, Amy. And even if your not a fan of certain pieces (these sneakers and the blue deconstructed cardigan come to mind) her wardrobe is a much needed breath of fresh air!

    I really need to stop reading the fashion press which is populated by the status quo who are not happy that she mixes, matches and favors "unknowns" (Lanvin is among the oldest fashion houses but for other occasions)