Thursday, May 28, 2009

School's Out

My daughter's first full year of school has ended and we are both the better for it. For five years our state of constant companionship was primarily bliss filled. But I understood her desire to have a life outside of my sphere of influence and to experience events solely through her own filter. Home birthing circles are ripe with home schoolers but I never viewed that particular path as one that would serve either of us well.

I will always be incredibly grateful to the diverse, progressive private school that has become her home away from home. The faculty and staff competent and caring, the parents involved and helpful (barring this notable exception) a wonderful place through and through.

Today's eighth grade graduation ceremony, filled with children and families who have attended the school from pre K on, was touching. The powerful sense of a community's good will, something I hate to say I'm normally quite immune to, had me wavering on our decision to place both of our children in public school for the 2010 school year. The thought of teenaged Mirette, going forth into the world after being nourished for eight more years there, with this much love propelling her onward, was tear inducing. But my desire to enlarge our biological family makes the decision to forfeit this extended one a foregone conclusion. Given our income putting two children through private school is ambitious, four foolish.

Unfortunately the public schools we have our eye on are as academically sound but not nearly as ethnically or culturally diverse. In many ways I think I'll have to work harder to broaden my children's horizons in terms of wealth and class. Gotta love the irony.

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