Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sex 2.0

I'm happy that I recently came across blogger and Sex 2.0 founder Amber Rhea.

I heard some really great things about the events and am always interested in different perspectives on how social media and sex interconnect. Something besides the inane and obvious.

So Amber, thanks for the link and for keeping me better informed about local goings on!


  1. Aww thank you! What a nice surprise this morning! :)

  2. Your very welcome!

    And to expand on my Craig's List post, I was remiss in not stressing the dangers are inherent primarily because of how sex work is constructed and construed here...

    I'm not familiar with Amanda Brooks but having been friends with a host of sex workers through the years I know that their lives were often no more perilous than the one I was leading in my 20's as a corporate drone by day, working the nightclub/bar scene by night!