Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Someone's in the Kitchen

I've come to the conclusion that my decision to stop baking isn't helping me fight the battle of the bulge. As long as I'm still snacking on sweets, I might as well up the quality. After all I'm more talented than the Keebler elves and Little Debbie combined.

Now that the kids are old enough to appreciate my culinary chops and help eat the goods (bundt cakes for 2 is not a good idea) I've dusted off my favorite utensils and am recipe hunting.

Thanks to shani-o at PostBourgie.com I discovered the fabulous Desert Candy.

There are tons of great things to try there. I'm a big fan of citrus flavored icings that pack a big bite, so I've made those earl grey cupcakes with pink grapefruit, raspberry and blackberry frosting in addition to the standard lemon butter creme.

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