Sunday, May 3, 2009

Which Cinco de Mayo Celebration was Cancelled?

The one downtown in the city proper, overwhelmingly attended by tourists, conventioneers and condo dwelling city residents? Or the celebration in the heart of one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country? Where the party goers might have a emotional and historical connection with the day that transcends margarita drinking?

I should point out that I am in favor of anything that brings people downtown. It's abandonment and subsequent revitalization is a complex and constantly shifting tale that I hope ultimately has a successful ending for all demographics involved.

And I support sensible measures that will keep people healthy. The sacrifices the country of Mexico made in the past couple of weeks have been extraordinary and may well prove to be a major factor in keeping us as whole safe.

But there has been a lot of speculation about how H1N1 combined with racism could impact Mexican immigrants in this country. And I don't know enough about this cancellation to use my favorite gif but I can't think of people more deserving of celebration than the Mexican immigrants of Metro Atlanta.

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