Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foodie Road Trips

With the kiddos at my parents house for the week, I'm going to indulge in all of the out of the way places that we've been trying to get to but never find the time for.

We live near one of the most ethnically diverse corridors in the country with all sorts of good cheap eats fifteen minutes away.

Banh mi,Vietnamese baguettes packed with pickled vegetables and assorted meats (colonialism can make for good food) were first up and as delicious as I had expected. There is another place in the same plaza that's known for it's pho, so we might go there as well.

I hope to sample a new (to me ) dim sum place, Korean barbecue, arepas and tamales before the kids come home and I have to share.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Checking In

I knew I would blog considerably less during the summer but even I'm shocked at how little I've managed to say. Of course there was the undisclosed writing project (which, if I give the details of will doom it, because that's obviously how things work) and a lot more traveling through July than I had originally planned.

I'm seriously considering getting a masters in library science, right at the time when many libraries-including ours- are cutting staff and hours. I'm beyond fortunate that my father in law will pay for it and by the time I actually complete the degree things may be on the upswing. Anyway I'm glad that I have the option, should I choose to use it...

I've started using Twitter. I don't post anything (because I fail to see how the excitement of my day-two for one strawberries at the Farmers Market- interests anyone) but love following B/C list celebrities, who are all sorts of crazy.

I know all bloggers are constantly amused by where their traffic comes from and I'm no different. Lots of Aleksander Skarsgard fans, at least 4 a day find themselves here. I wanted to do a public service for all the people who come here looking for boy friendly arts and crafts projects but time hasn't allowed that.

Off tomorrow for the longest of our summer adventures, a 13 hour car trip. We are at the point where the kids are good travelers, they only ask "are we there yet?" every couple of hours as opposed to every 20 minutes. And even better we will be coming home with out them so whatever they are up to tomorrow, I can take solace in knowing I'm returning home to peace and quiet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Soledad O'Brien

We are about to start traveling on Saturday for the better part of a month, so needless to say life is hectic around these parts.

But I would be remiss if I didn't weigh in on one tiny bit of the saga that has become Michael Jackson death.

Prior to the memorial service Soledad O'Brien was making some point and proceeded to exclaim Michael Jackson's children "white, white, white!" I'm pretty sure I could bold face that and accurately express her impassioned voice but maybe I'm projecting, so I won't.

It would have been a shameful statement had she whispered it.

Whether or not his three children are genetically MJ's is of zero concern to me. But as a woman who is of a similar complection to MJ's original skin tone with biological children who share certain phenotypes with his kids, that sentiment raises my hackles. Listen closely: Looking at people is not a concrete way of determining their ancestry.

It's disheartening to know that a national tv anchor joins ranks with the woman who cut my son's hair, a random woman on the train and the countless others I've encountered while raising children who according to them, "don't look like you."

As someone who is of a multi racial background herself, Soledad O'Brien should know better than to arbitrarily declare who other people are. I had no intention of watching Black in America 2, but now I will actively avoid it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sandra Day O'Connor

Sandra Day O'Connor has written a children's book. I personally would have loved to read the tale of a young girl's journey from a ranch to the Supreme Court but this book is about finding the perfect pet.

I've never been a huge Day O'Connor fan but having the likes of Sarah Palin front and center make me wishful for her brand of conservatism.

My husband can't wait for us to return it to the library...