Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foodie Road Trips

With the kiddos at my parents house for the week, I'm going to indulge in all of the out of the way places that we've been trying to get to but never find the time for.

We live near one of the most ethnically diverse corridors in the country with all sorts of good cheap eats fifteen minutes away.

Banh mi,Vietnamese baguettes packed with pickled vegetables and assorted meats (colonialism can make for good food) were first up and as delicious as I had expected. There is another place in the same plaza that's known for it's pho, so we might go there as well.

I hope to sample a new (to me ) dim sum place, Korean barbecue, arepas and tamales before the kids come home and I have to share.


  1. Ummmm! I'll skip the meat, but I'll have some baguettes and veggies. :P

    Sounds fantastic!

  2. YUM! We have a Vietnamese baguette place down town that I've been meaning to go try...I'm inspired!

  3. @ Daisy, the vegetables in the banh mi were fantastic in and of themselves. Daikon, radishes, cilantro with a tangy mayo like sauce which wouldn't work if your a vegan but still : )

    We were visiting friends in Greenville a couple of week ago, they are really fantastic people so we always have a good time there.

    @ Amy run don't walk to your local place : ) In addition to being delicious, they were only $2.50 a piece here, but were every bit as filling as a 6 inch Subway.