Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boys, Arts & Crafts

If you've come because you've googled the above go here.

Kimmy C dropped by to let me know that she will be highlighting crafts that are boy friendly.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teens & Twitter

It's always nice when The NY Times corroborates your own personal findings. That's a joke btw. But this past summer I caught up with a portion of the dozen or so cousins I have who are under 21 and not one of them twittered. Several are on Facebook, so I'm there now more because of them. Maybe as they age, they'll utilize twitter or the next big new thing and I'll follow suit.

Friday, August 21, 2009

TV Talk

I've got some hometown pride that this season's edition of Top Chef has three Atlanta chefs in the mix. I haven't had the pleasure of dining at any of the three restaurants since the contestants have begun their culinary reigns there. The Woodfire Grill under it's original ownership was fantastic and I've heard nothing but good things about the present chef and episode challenge winner Kevin Gillepsie. The Voltaggio brothers scare me, though I will admit that in my prior life I slept with many Patrick Bateman's in training.

Lindsay Lohan's turn as a guest judge on Lifetime's Project Runway (where I am forced to acknowledge the existence of Sherri Shepherd, my ff button isn't fast enough to obscure her image completely) labeled her as an actress/ designer. Obviously that was always a generous description but the year that this season spent in litigation limbo makes references to her "line" all the more ludicrous. I was just hoping that production kept recovering meth addict Johnny and Ms. Lohan far away from each other. And I think Lindsay's animosity toward Ari was in direct relation to her resemblance to a certain someone.

Presbyterian Pre-School

Starting Monday my son son will attend Pre K at the same wonderful Presbyterian affiliated preschool that gave his sister such a great start a couple of years ago.

The teachers are wonderful, the staff helpful and if the core values of the curriculum conflicted with our families to a great degree, then we would not have enrolled either of the kids there.

Let's just hope I don't burst into flames ala a True Blood vampire while reading a Bible Story to the class.

Monday, August 17, 2009

To My Fellow Black Falcons Fans

I understand your pain. Really, I do. My household is in possession of no fewer than a dozen items of Mike Vick paraphernalia. We were all on the No 7 bandwagon. From my newborn baby to my senior Grandparents-watching four states away-but rooting for my Falcons because you were assured some excitement when he took the field. Cringed every time one of his good old boy detractors got some local sports radio time to bemoan the loss of the right rhymes-with-white way to play. The same sort of sports fan who is absolutely, positively certain that Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire are steroid free, while wondering why Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa are not serving jail time for perjury.

Not that there were not plenty of legitimate criticisms of the way Ron Mexico handled himself on and off the field.

Until the bitter end, I didn't want to believe the animal cruelty allegations. Not because I thought Vick was above such things ( I grew up in Brooklyn and on several occasions had people ask my 12 year old pony tail wearing self if I wanted to arrange dog fights with our family's Great Danes) but because I thought if he was involved, surely he had enough sense to properly cover his tracks. But his bottom bitch sang and he's broke and fresh out the pen.

I understand the defiant anger. With incarceration rates among black men being what they are, what chance does anyone coming put of prison have to rehabilitate their lives, if he is barred from playing football, which is the rallying cry of so many people. The idea that he has committed offenses that should put him outside the realm of civilized society ( a direct quote- if I wanted to engage in on line fisticuffs I'd put a link) makes me laugh. The black twitterverse was abuzz this past weekend with the idea that Vick has paid his dues to society, when will the human torturers get what they deserve?

Having said all that, Michael Vick is a man who aided and abetted in the torture of animals, threw away a 135 million dollar contract, embarrassed his employer on a national stage and royally screwed our football team. Let's wish him well, because though I didn't need salon to tell me- forgiveness is healthy... Those who have served time should be given the opportunity at full re entry into society, it should be our collective goal. And those who eat meat, especially those of us who don't always consume cows who are hand fed wheatgrass or chickens who roam the plains all days should think long and hard about what cruelty to animals means.

But forgiveness doesn't mean that we have to give him martyr like status. Let's let go of the ghost and leave the Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles jerseys home come December 6th.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Marriott Co

I absolutely, positively love the Marriott Hotel Chain.

The Brooklyn outpost was the first new hotel built there in decades. It was my home away from home when my eventual husband and I began our long distance relationship. And it continued to provide us with a place to stay after my relocation during our many visits back to the BK to see my family.

As we crossed the country and the globe it became our go to brand and with few exceptions we haven't stayed at another hotel chain during our nine years together.

Our travel has been curtailed significantly in the past couple of years but we will be making a trip to see my extended family in November. I hadn't booked the trip yet and after reading this article I'm glad that I hadn't.

I will continue to follow the story but as a decent human being and more specifically a woman with two children under the age of seven, I don't think there is a lot that they can do to redeem themselves in my eyes...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Facebook Faux Pas

When will people learn that your social networking sites and your business/professional/
however-the-hell-you-plan-on-making-money life should not mix?

This is one exhibit amongst a million.

And for that matter your social networking sites shouldn't mix with your personal life if you're going to talk banal shit about a children's birthday party...