Monday, August 10, 2009

Facebook Faux Pas

When will people learn that your social networking sites and your business/professional/
however-the-hell-you-plan-on-making-money life should not mix?

This is one exhibit amongst a million.

And for that matter your social networking sites shouldn't mix with your personal life if you're going to talk banal shit about a children's birthday party...


  1. That is hilarious! I'm fortunate in that I can usually say good things about my co-workers on Facebook...but that is hilarious and really stupid! LOL

  2. I first saw that on my Finnish pen friend's FB. Stating the obvious, I don't speak either Finnish or Swedish but did pick up that one or two of his FB friends were poking fun at Americans. I was indignant b/c from wanker to the tax form reference, I knew we couldn't take credit for that genius!