Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Marriott Co

I absolutely, positively love the Marriott Hotel Chain.

The Brooklyn outpost was the first new hotel built there in decades. It was my home away from home when my eventual husband and I began our long distance relationship. And it continued to provide us with a place to stay after my relocation during our many visits back to the BK to see my family.

As we crossed the country and the globe it became our go to brand and with few exceptions we haven't stayed at another hotel chain during our nine years together.

Our travel has been curtailed significantly in the past couple of years but we will be making a trip to see my extended family in November. I hadn't booked the trip yet and after reading this article I'm glad that I hadn't.

I will continue to follow the story but as a decent human being and more specifically a woman with two children under the age of seven, I don't think there is a lot that they can do to redeem themselves in my eyes...


  1. That is just horrible! I've stayed at several Marriott's, including last summer during our trip to San Fran...well, it won't be on my list any more!

  2. FWIW I don't think that facilities are necessarily negligent every time some is raped/robbed/assaulted on the premises. But contacting this women's babysitter and pilates instructor seems pretty low.

    Interestingly, like any other chain the Marriott co franchises out. So I will be interested if this site continues as a Marriott once their present licensing agreement is up...