Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teens & Twitter

It's always nice when The NY Times corroborates your own personal findings. That's a joke btw. But this past summer I caught up with a portion of the dozen or so cousins I have who are under 21 and not one of them twittered. Several are on Facebook, so I'm there now more because of them. Maybe as they age, they'll utilize twitter or the next big new thing and I'll follow suit.


  1. Oh buy it can be so scary seeing those younger relatives and what they post on Facebook. My cousin's daughter...I feel like I need to stage an intervention! She is making painfully obvious that addictions issues run in families but is blissfully ignorant of the path she is following...even with gentle questions...I haven't decided if it's my place to be a bit more straightforward about the path I see her headed down!

  2. I took the link here from FB off partially b/c I wanted to continue to treat this as a public journal. Obviously you always run the risk of someone finding it but I'm willing to take that, I just didn't want to necessarily advertise it.

    First off I literally have to relax my brain to the point of a deep stupor to get the spelling. In some cases they are using more letters in the misspelling then exist in the actual word. I sincerely hope that they are capable of communicating differently in a real world setting.

    I'm the oldest grandchild, with 6 years between me and the closest cousin and 30 years between me and the youngest. So I acknowledge the inevitable age gap. I guess I had a little touch of the theatrical in HS but one of my cousins sounds like she's a divorcee, with a house full of kids, and a mortgage and she is a childless senior.

    All that being said, I'm grateful to be able to keep in touch w/ them, since I'm one of the only people in my family who lives more then a couple of hours from NYC.