Monday, September 28, 2009

Illegal Enterprise

Explaining that my husband is taking over his family's business interests has proven to be comical. Since they are not singular brick and mortar concerns but a collection of ventures including but not limited to real estate, construction and a car dealership, it sounds really dubious. Like drug running, mobbed up dubious.

Especially when I add that his dad will be splitting his time between the States and The Bahamas.


  1. Better The Bahamas than The Caymans!

  2. Great minds think alike because I was going to reference the Caymans! UPS (my FIL first career) did a lot of business there back in his day.

    Jim jokes that he hope we don't end up like a low budget version of the Madoff clan!

  3. Well, if I get a letter from you asking me to send some money and then send the letter on to 10 of my closest friends with the hopes of having my money returned to me 10 fold, I'll get a little worried!