Monday, September 21, 2009

Lord Help Me

Which despite the previous post isn't wholly ironic.

Armed with some spare time, thanks to the crappy weather we are having here in the south east, I decided to peruse the internet in hopes of finding some local info before we began house hunting in earnest.

Well, the messages boards that I have stumbled onto thus far have confirmed my worst fears about our soon to be hometown. Pregnate as an alternate spelling I can handle. Mothers against immigration reform as a handle means we're not going to be friends. With a platform that expressly seeks immediate removal of all "illegals", regardless of their circumstance means I hate you.

I know full well what I'm getting myself into. Younger people (which currently means under 40 to me, but given the demographic I'll soon find myself in, might mean under 65) with interests and viewpoints similar to mine are going to be few and far between. I've put out the siren call to all of the blogs and message boards that I frequent in the hopes that I find one soul mate.

In the meantime I'll start planning the order of my relatives visits. My FIL keeps a condo for out of town guests but rarely, as in once a year, has any. Me and my clan will be happy to fill that gap. You know our circumstances would have to be greatly improved in order for me to move even further away from NYC...


  1. Oh wow! I hope you're able to find at least one person...once you find one then you'll find more...the one just has to show you the good hang-outs!

  2. I'm just hopeful that me and my for now imaginary friend can visit each other and talk about what a crazy town we are living in... Though as Jim pointed out as crazy as FL is it's a whole lot "bluer" then GA!

  3. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised and find a great community to connect with.