Friday, September 25, 2009

Promising Correspondence

Sounds like something two star crossed young lovers have at the beginning of a Merchant/Ivory period piece but it applies here as well.

I've bumped into a fair number of homeschoolers and private schoolers as I scour message boards dedicated to the citizens of our soon to be locale. Neither option interests me in the slightest, with homeschool ahead in the if hell freezes over category. What is especially interesting is the tone with which the private schoolers write about their children's academic institutions. Hushed and reverential, its private school with a capitol "P".

Color me unimpressed.

The state of Florida school system has a lot wrong with it but your church putting up a billboard, charging tuition and calling itself a school doesn't mean its an institute of higher learning.

I shouldn't disparage places I haven't physically visited but my online research about some of the curriculums made me laugh out loud.

Enough with that and on to the positive.

I've met a potential friend. A real, live person with a child at the elementary school that is at the top of my list for the kiddos to attend.

Hopefully both our schedules will allow us to meet up when we visit next month.


  1. That is good and exciting news! A real live person! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Things are looking up in my world, she can spell!