Thursday, September 3, 2009

These Are the People in my Neighborhood

Actually this occurred in an adjacent suburb, but it did remind me of an incident that I'm not too proud of.

Several years ago I owned a small store, which eventually folded, leaving me with a mountain of debt and heightened my general disdain for the public at large.

One rainy afternoon, a grandmotherly type entered with a small boy of 4 or 5. I think that she was the guardian of the child, too much time has passed for me to remember the exact nature of their relationship. What I won't forget is that on her way out, he committed some minor infraction that caused her to spank him in the door way of my shop.

I froze. I don't believe in spanking my children under any circumstances and have read many positive ways to gently intercede if you are so inclined while witnessing a public display of corporal punishment. But in that instance all I could think about was that this woman was a potential repeat customer and I didn't want to alienate her in any way, shape or form.

I am so ashamed that I said nothing. And to be clear it was a couple of quick swats on the butt not an ass whipping of any sort. The woman was much older than me and presumably quite set in her child rearing ways but I'll always feel guilt that I didn't say something.

As for the child slapper in Stone Mountain, he's all types of deranged. Unfortunately this random story will not prompt frustrated parents to seek other forms of coping with their children.

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