Saturday, November 7, 2009

True Jackson's Face

Since Disney, Nickelodeon and the like aren't paying my kids to advertise their questionable programming, I don't buy them character or franchise laden clothing. I conveniently over look the High School Musical pajamas & the occasional Star Wars t-shirt they've gotten as gifts. Which of course become their all time favorite pieces of clothing.

But our move to Florida will put us in a decidedly different demographic. To battle the overwhelmingly white world we'll soon be inhabiting, I've been searching for clothing adorned with brown people. My daughter looks a lot more like Selena Gomez then KeKe Palmer but that's beside the point. I would be devastated if either of my kids came to embrace their light, bright almost white phenotypes as a superior form of beauty.

So I was thrilled to learn that True Jackson has a line of clothing at WalMart, putting aside all of the inherent issues about WalMart patronage. The thrill was gone when I discovered that none of the merchandise contains the image of brown skinned True. Granted, it's the first Nick live action series to have a clothing launch. It's not as if the channel has Disney dollars but I was still disappointed. So I'll skip putting this gif up and just give the Mouse some more money.

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