Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cheer

There are tons of things I've wanted to blog about in the past month but spreading holiday cheer takes precedence over all.

I'm actually relieved that this is my son's last year at a church based preschool. I adore the people but readings from The Legend of the Candy Cane, we could do with out.

I'm very careful to give unbiased answers, stressing that *I* believe such & such and that ultimately I don't know certain things. And that as he gets older he can decide for himself. But I think I've got a budding skeptic on my hands as his few church experiences, while perfectly mild and kid centric, have left him stone cold. After being told Dad & I got married because we were in love, and that part of that love was based on the joy of shared activities, Thelonious had a eureka moment. He declared that his wife would not go to church because there is no way he's going back when he's an adult.

Because life is nothing if not surprising, he'll probably end up a fundamentalist.


I thought that I'd be pregnant to end the year but I've got to get a pap smear & pelvic before we go full steam ahead on that endeavor. I'm not going to get all Wetlands on you but suffice it to say things are off. Hopefully it will be something minor so I'm trying not to stress out about it.


I think that I've got an appropriately action packed winter break planned for the kiddos. Structured activities every other day, with plenty of sun & fresh air planned if the weather permits. We might cap it off with a trip to Disney, either way we'll make the trip to Florida the first week of January.


I'm hoping that 2010 brings me a baby, a fabulous new house and most importantly continued health & happiness in my current home.