Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We've finally arrived in Florida and so far so good.

My cancer didn't disrupt a whole lot but it did fuck up my plans for the kids education. We are living in a previously vacant house that my FIL owns but it is a temporary situation primarily because what little I knew about the zoned elementary school wasn't encouraging. But I was in no shape physically to do the paperwork for the excellent school I found on the side of town my FIL currently lives in, and figured our zoned school would be ok on a short term basis.

Well, after 2 days we decided to pull the emergency lever on this social experiment. My 5 year old can do my seven year old's homework and he's bright but I don't think he is going to have a phD by 12. My daughter is on automatic pilot, after a week of going over material she mastered in kindergarten. It's a sad statement about the quality of public education at large here and I know that by fleeing the school I am part of the problem.

We aren't technically limousine liberals (does anyone still use that term?) but we have a lifestyle that enables us to have many choices. I know every progressive parent who sends their child to a private school or out of their neighborhood to a "better" public one has valid reasons for doing so. So while I feel slight guilt about it, I'll be transferring them as soon as possible.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Forward

My cancer wasn't particularly life changing or affirming, it basically underlined everything that I already felt. The one change that it has wrought is superficial and wardrobe related. Once upon a time I liked the clothes in my closet, I know what works for me and my clothes summed up my personality. These days not so much. Packing up to move highlighted how very sad my clothing is. Finding the money for new clothes on top of all our other moving related expenses will be hard but at this point very necessary to my mental health.

I've been inspired by all of the fat fashion bloggers out there and will try and do some shots of me once I start shopping. I'm not particularly fatalistic but if my days are numbered I'll be damned if I spend them in faded yoga pants and stained t shirts!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I've been off dealing with, as David Rakoff put it "a touch of cancer" but am hopefully on the mend.

I contemplated blogging about the process, I was physically up to it at certain points but ultimately figured that I wouldn't benefit emotionally from trying to process it through blogging.

I have plenty of funny stories from the cancer center and may post them in time but I'm off to the lawless swamp known as Florida!