Monday, November 22, 2010

PET Scans & Puma Sneakers

I've been tested, scanned and given a clean bill of health. For what ever reason I was actually quite calm during this round of tests, my first since my diagnosis last April. Statistically none of this should have happened to me, so I felt that the odds would finally favor me.

My family's declarations that "God is so very good!" were met by my standard "Yes, indeed!". One of the rare occasions in my life that I opt for a lie simply because it makes things easier.

After the tests I over indulged in Desert Pear Margarita's at Outback. 11am and I'm ordering drink after drink in a strip mall somewhere south of Atlanta. Staggering into the bathroom I dropped my passport along the way but didn't realize this until we arrived home the next day and were a 5 hour drive away. They claimed to have put it in the mail, but 2 weeks later and if push came to shove I couldn't photo document my id for shit. With an expired GA driver's permit, and no passport it will be a paperwork nightmare to renew anything if my old passport doesn't arrive. With the cost of a new passport tacked onto our Outback bill we could have gone to Ruth Chris'. I'm pretty sure if I had left a passport there I'd have it back by now...

But on to more interesting things like how my build a wardrobe project is going. I found a pair of Puma's, black and comfortable but sporty and stylish too. On sale at Nordstrom's I was afraid the Imani might be a little narrow for my wide-ish foot. But they slipped on just fine and I've been wearing them to great acclaim.

They've almost made me as happy as my test results.

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