Friday, November 5, 2010

Really Macy's? This is the best you could do?

My first post in months and its not about the anxiety I have surrounding the PET Scan and MRI I have scheduled for Monday. But about my attempts to show who I am through my clothes. For the most part it's going well. At 36, I feel in a kind of limbo, trying to avoid the teen scene and the matronly one as well. Though Jim swears I have the same sweater coat as Hilary Clinton, I'm ok with that.

I've bought several fantastic pieces from Lucie Lu. Great price points, wonderful customer service and clothes that are fun and unique. Got a basic black skirt with a touch of tulle from B & Lu which will be great with tights. If I ever need tights here in the lawless swamp I call home.

Igigi had a 4th of July Sale during which I bought some much needed winter stuff. Exhausted by chemo and radiation, I pictured myself in my new life draped in new finery. My cancer addled day dreams centered around a black cardigan, I bought sunglasses specifically with this sweater in mind. Unfortunately I believe I left it, the lynch pin of my fall/winter wardrobe, in a hotel room in Atlanta. Complete with tags as I had never even worn it, the temperatures being unseasonably high the day I went to see my oncologist. Anyone who saw me cry when I got back would have been under the impression that my health was failing not that I was mourning a sweater.

Having spent money at some plus size specialty stores, I decided to hit up the chains and department stores. I don't miss a lot about city living but the shopping at brick and mortar stores is definitely different here in the hinterlands. Macy's and Lane Bryant have always been my go to stores. My local outposts are severely limited in scope as compared to the multiple locations that I used to haunt but I knew that before coming here. I figured I'd order things to be shipped to the stores and that it would take longer but you can't have everything. Lane Bryant is on board but Macy's doesn't do this. So in order to get cute Michael Kors plus sized stuff I've got to pay non returnable shipping fees.

I regularly order things on line with the knowledge that they might not live up to my expectations. I have a couple of tops, that had I tried them on first, I would have gotten a different size or passed on them entirely. But they are in my closet waiting to be layered (have I mentioned how I grieve for my cardigan?) and I am content in the knowledge that I supported an independent retailer of larger sized fashions.

Macy's, I'm not going that route with you. And it is a shame because I'm spending money like a house on fire : )

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