Sunday, June 19, 2011

In the Good Old Summertime

It's been so long, I don't even know where to begin but I will start by saying my health is fine as far as I know. Getting adequate health care as a self employed family is no picnic and I'm anticipating a major struggle on that front in the near future but tomorrow is another day...

After spending last summer in the cancer institute, I'm determined to make this summer an endless stream of happy days for my well deserving children. Think of a Country Time Lemonade commercial on steroids. At 6 and 8 they are easy going and easily pleased. I'm sure this perfectly delightful stage is the calm before the tween storm.

Our idyllic summer finds us in sweaters and gloves 3x a week as my children continue to pursue ice hockey & figure skating. Every now and again the UPS man will deliver something-doubling the number of black people in the building. I had a fellow figure skating mom tell me that middle school was horrible for her because they bussed in "all the Puerto Ricans" Not a lot renders me speechless. But her little bon mot reminded me that for better or worse I am essentially on terra non firma and need to keep my head on a swivel. It's especially ironic because whatever her ethnicity actually is she looks Latina.

The hockey folks have yet say anything as outrageous but I did read a blog post from a self professed hockey mom (from another state) about how unlike NBA or NFL stars, thugs who you would want to cross the street to avoid or arrogant grandstanders, NHL players were great, clean cut role models. Since thug is the new nigger is that even subtle enough to qualify as a dog whistle?

Mirette starts math and science camp tomorrow. Thelonious will hang with me and attempt to eat his way through central Florida. It would have been cheaper to send him to camp!

I've been pleasantly surprised that our new hometown isn't as much of an educational, cultural, and culinary wasteland as I had feared-racist figure skating moms not included. But I am going to try and blog and comment more frequently on the blogs that I read, because Metro Atlanta it is not...


  1. It ate my last comment, for some reason... it doesn't like me! Also, I logged in under my old account (see Brunhilde photo!) --but that trick didn't work... if there are 5 duplicates, hope you will delete them!

    Just a note to say I am glad you are doing so well and welcome back to Blogdonia! WRITE MORE! :)

  2. Thanks, Daisy and will do!