Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Model Citizen

At 8 years of age my daughter Mirette is an enthusiastic Girl Scout. Summer fun includes working on a slew of badges. A trip with her grandparents to a Veterans Home on Flag Day began an avid interest in service people and she is dutifully carrying out the tasks for her model citizens patch. Any little thing to do with the military has her rapt attention. I am thrilled to have a found a fantastic troop that is giving her a wonderful way to channel all of her natural curiosity.

She is definitely a chip off the old block so her natural curiosity has also lent itself to a love of celebrity gossip. Mila Kunis being coerced into saying yes to a Marine's you tube invitation was not a story she was apt to miss. Shakesville wraps it up pretty well.

As awful as the whole thing is, it was definitely a teachable moment in our household. Mirette knows that her body belongs to her and her alone. She is learning that compliments are fine but no one has the right to engage her beyond her level of comfortability. That being called rude isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Her delight in seeing men in uniform hasn't rendered her ignorant to the obvious. She was completely puzzled that anyone would expect a woman to go out with a total stranger just because he is a Marine.

That made me prouder than any of her glowing report cards.

My son had zero interest in this conversation. But he's 6 and I know that there will be plenty of proposals on Jumbo Trons that I can complain about in the future.

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