Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Old Town House

I began this blog because of my obsession with a magnificent house in a changing neighborhood that I knew we were never going to be able to afford.

The plan was to document our real estate search and my third pregnancy. My life had essentially been charmed, so whatever mishaps I imagined along the way, I knew things would end with another healthy, cherubic cheeked babe in a space that reflected me.

Fast forward two and a half years. One miscarriage, a cancer diagnosis, several weeks of chemotherapy, radiation and a 400 mile relocation later, I'm about to move and transform a space into our home.

An attached town house in a lushly wooded but rigidly pristine neighborhood is a far cry from the houses we looked at smack dab in the middle of Atlanta.

At roughly 1700 square feet, it's larger than the Brooklyn apartment I grew up in. We will miss our current home's abundant outdoor space and over sized pool. At the new place the patio is small, but there is ample space for 3 chairs and a grill. Most importantly it is connected to a Florida room that will easily seat 6.

Lots to do on an uncertain budget. Men of A Certain Age encapsulates the angst that can result in the power dynamic between grown men and their fathers when the parent is also the employer. Never the less I realize that an uncertain budget is a hell of a lot better then no budget.

The internet has convinced me that a powder room is a good space to start a do it yourself project for a novice. And since everything I read on line is accurate the half bath will be my inaugural journey into the land of home improvements.I'm as unhandy as they come, so hopefully this quest won't result in any ER visits as I'm currently uninsured.

After I read the manifesto that passes as our homeowner's association guide, I hope that a sea green door is street legal.

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