Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaving Well Enough Alone...

has never been my strong suit.

The PTA is in overdrive preparing for its annual Holiday Shoppe. This has been a year of great transition as the organization had a regime change. And due to the closed circuted way things are run, regime is an apt word.

We are fortunate to have very deep pockets and are in the process of ordering a holiday projector and snow machine that will bring the kiddos a little taste of winter, here in the Sunshine State.

The sticking point about the plan is the "holiday" content of the projector's show. As a public school Merry Christmas and angels are acceptable but need to be counter balanced by dreidels, a menorrah and the more generic doves and wreaths. Apparently there is no magical calculation but like pornography the principal will know it when she sees it.

As the atheist hiding in plain sight I'm debating whether or not I should out myself. To the best of my knowledge the rest of the PTA flock are practicing Christians so I really do appreciate the thought they are giving the matter.

I don't presume to speak for any of the atheistic families that might be enrolled (with the constant talk of being blessed and numerous scriptures attached to people's email signatures, I wonder if I'm the only godless creature roaming the halls) but the projector is not at all offensive to me.

But I choose to celebrate Christmas ( I never miss a birthday party) complete with tree and all the trimmings, so perhaps I'm not the best potential representative.

I'll see how things go as the debate continues but maybe for once I'll heed my husband's advice and manage to stay mum.

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